Nominated as Event Photographer of the Year, Faces Magazine 2020 Ottawa Awards


Fiona Plunkett ~ The person behind the madness

I love nature, and feel a strong connection to the natural world - which can inspire us with beauty, and challenge us with the very cycle of life and death which all of us must face. I see these as two sides of the same coin, and this insight inspires my photography, but it also underpins the other services that I offer my clients. 

Other Services

Beside photography, I do editing (edit, proofread, or copy edit), research (historical research, practical qualitative research of most topics, excluding statistical and scientific research), multimedia design, production services, and social media finalities.

Other Outlets

 I carve soapstone, attempt to master the challenges of the bagpipes, tenor, and bass drum for a pipe band, tend my backyard birds and floral oasis, spoil my multitude of indoor cats, and geek out on everything Hallowe'en related. The latter not exclusive to October.

Fantastic Things That I Have Edited/Layout

Universal Wisdom


Ten years in the making, this book on modern philosophy by Benoit Chartier, is a must read. It is available on Amazon.

I did the editing and the layout.

Blue Node


Book two in the Spectrum Series, by 

Benoit Chartier, is available on Amazon.

I did the editing and the layout.

Rattle the Sabre, Shake the Spear


A Role Playing adventure by 

William Clinton Cronk. It is available on The Dungeon Master's Guild.

I did the layout.